Adult and Youth Counselling


The best you

Find your true self 

Counselling offers a safe space to talk about what's weighing you down, help make sense of thoughts and feelings we can get stuck in.  

Feeling lost and overwhelmed? talking about it works to lift the clouds.  I provide talking therapy tailored to your individual needs, online or in person. 

I work in a Person-centred way, I don't direct or push but offer a space with warmth, compassion and empathy.   You lead the way, decide the pace and I walk alongside.

Bring the smile back

Play therapy allows children to express difficult emotions.

Children feel deeply but often express differently from adults.  If your child is struggling, I offer play, nature and pet therapy alongside talking therapy to help children find their voice.  

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Start healing 

We all have unique journeys through life.  All trees start as a seed, no two grow exactly the same from the moment they sprout, nor do we.  I respect and value your life experiences, how experiences have impacted and shaped you.  In my practice you set the pace of your own growth.

If there was no wind
To blow away the leaves
What would become 
Of our glorious trees?
Over encumbered limbs
Baring old and new
Carrying the weight
While trying to renew 


C Christie


Counselling in the Cairngorm National Park

Private and quiet space and access to countryside, broadening therapeutic options.